The Midnight Archive Ep.4: The Automata

(Youtube Direktautomata)

Ronnie Thomas von The Midnight Archive hat mir grade die vierte Folge seiner Webserie über komische Dinge in Brooklyin geschickt. Heute gehts um Jere Ryders seltsame Automaten.

The Automata And Automatic Music -- Tucked away, in a quiet and pleasant suberb of New Jersey, there exists one of the most fascinating collections of artistic engineering ever collected. The collection belonged to Murtogh Guiness, of the Guiness Brewering company. Its contents are, what i can only desrcibe as the early days of robotics, engineered for our ancestor's entertainment. Dolls that perform incredible tasks, full orchestras in the middle of your parlor, and my favorite of course, a banjo that plays itself. The collection is maintaned and managed by Jere Ryder who began his interest at a very early age. He is now entrusted to the collection at the Morris Museum located in Morristown New Jersey.

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