Tricking E-Mail-Scammers to do Monty Pythons Dead Parrot-Sketch

(Youtube Direktpython, via Reddit)

Die Leute hinter der Website 419Eater legen Spammer rein, mailen mit ihnen hin und her und bringen sie dazu, irre Sachen zu machen. Im Video oben spielen zwei Spammer aus Nigeria Monty Pythons Dead Parrot-Sketch und hier haben sie einen tatsächlich dazu überredet, das komplette Buch „Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets“ mit der Hand abzuschreiben. Hilarous!

From: Arthur Dent
To: Mrs. Joyce Ozioma
Date: January 26, 2006

Dear Mrs. Ozioma,

Thank you for your reply and your interest in my company's project.

Basically we are after as many samples as possible of your handwriting. As outlined in my previous email, the MINIMUM number of pages we can accept is 100 however we would be most delighted to receive as many as you and your colleagues are able to supply. I have supplied some sample text to this email in the form of a book in PDF format, which is the most common format for presenting text. If you have any problem reading the fie then please get back to me for more information.

If you decide to duplicate the WHOLE book in your handwriting then we pay an additional bonus payment of $4,000 as well as the standard $100 per page.

Harry Potter & The Well of Scammers, hier haufenweise mehr von dem Kram.