Markers of the Beast from the Desk of Satan

Laboratory Industries verkaufen Marker of the Beast inklusive Post-Its „From the Desk of Satan“. Meine Bestellung ging grade raus, must have.

Never sign a deal with the Devil. Unless you've got just the right pen.

We took real Sanford Sharpie fine tip pens and added Horrorcore lettering by type genius Chris Piascik to make a limited run of totally evil markers. When they're gone, they're gone. We then added Satanic Sticky Notes so you can leave creepy messages for your friends without having to log into Facebook.

Single packs come with a pair of pens and one pad. Double packs have two pair of pens and two pads. Can you guess what triple packs contain? All pens are packed in matched pairs. Black ones with the text, red ones with the numbers.

Revenge of the Marker of the Beast (via Superpunch)