Undestructable iCases made from Paper you can draw on

Papernomad (hier ihr Blog) aus Wien machen iBook-, iPad- und iPhone-Cases aus wasser- und feuerabweisendem Papier. Und man kann darauf rumkritzeln. Die Dinger gibt's derzeit beim kanadischen Taschenhersteller Roots und kosten (für das was sie bieten) günstige 50$.

(Youtube Direktpaper, via Core77)

Our products are made of organic materials. Their skin is our patented paper composite which consists of several alyers of paper and bio-polymers. The other ingredients are cotton, sheep wool produced by happy Australian sheep and a pull-strap made from hemp fibers.

Have a look around and ask yourself: why are most sleeves or covers for mobile elctronic devices made from plastic? You may find that plastic lasts for a long time - in most cases it lasts a lot longer than desired and therefore becomes a problem to dispose of. If most electronic devices are designed to last just a couple of years, why do you need a sleeve that lasts for eternity? Paper is a soothingly analogue material - the perfect counterbalance to the metal and plastic world that surrounds us. Paper ages in grace, it becomes increasingly valuable as it collects marks and traces and by doing that it becomes a canvas for your own memories: it begins to tell your story. That's why we use paper.