NYTimes über Slime Molds

Die NYTimes hat einen schönen Artikel über Slime Molds. Unbedingt auch die Slideshow dazu ansehen:

Slime molds are a remarkable lineage of amoebas that live in soil. While they spend part of their life as ordinary single-celled creatures, they sometimes grow into truly alien forms. Some species gather by the thousands to form multicellular bodies that can crawl. Others develop into gigantic, pulsating networks of protoplasm.

While naturalists have known of slime molds for centuries, only now are scientists really starting to understand them. Lab experiments are revealing the complex choreography of signals in some species that allows 20,000 individuals to form a single sluglike body.

Can Answers to Evolution Be Found in Slime?, Gallery: Beauty and the Blob (via Notcot)