The Midnight Archive Ep.3: Making Men out of Mice – Anthropomorphic Taxidermy

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(Youtube Direktmice, Thanx Ronni!)

Ronni vom Midnight Archive hat mir grade die dritte Episode seiner Webserie über seltsame Dinge aus Brooklyn geschickt.

This episode brings us the cutest little thing ever to rip the guts out of a dead cadaver. I was very grateful when Sue Jeiven, a tattoo artist of East River Tattoo in brooklyn agreed to let me film her to chat about turning mice into little men. Here we discuss the history and process and facination behind a very old and very odd artform; anthropomorphic Taxidermy. As sue will explain, its the process of taking an animal's skin, preparing it, and putting it in a human-like setting. It sounds much more charming coming from sue.

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