Glitch - Massive Multiplayer Online-Something

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(Youtube Direktglitch, via Laughing Squid)

Gestern abend kam meine Einladung zu Glitch, einem Online Multiplayer-Flashgame mit Social-Web-Komponenten. Oder sowas. Nur nervt es nicht so, wie andere Games, die man aus diesem Genre kennt. Außerdem sieht es besser aus. Ich weiß zwar noch überhaupt nicht wirklich, worum es geht, werde da aber wohl öfter rumrennen, denke ich.

Aus einem Artikel auf Venturebeat: Tiny Speck launches zany social game Glitch with giant imagination

Glitch is a web-based massively multiplayer online game. About 27,000 players have already tested the game. It is non-violent, highly social and is played as a two-dimensional cartoon animated world. Butterfield says the designers of the game and the players create the Glitch universe in tandem, with the designers constantly tweaking and improving the platform while the players cultivate a sophisticated and irreverent civilization.

Players can do just about anything, from curating an art installation to hosting a diamond-infused dinner party. Tiny Speck provides the raw materials and a stimulating environment. “The vision is to bring a new level of creativity, beauty and social engagement,” Butterfield (pictured at top) says.

Part of the mission is to bring art to a wider audience. The game mixes all sorts of original visual styles. The look varies as you travel up and down the boulevards of the world. It changes from psychedelic to surreal, from Japanese cutesy animation to hyper-saturated pixel art, classic cartoon to contemporary mixed media.

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