Dress made from 3000 Yak-Nipples

27.09.2011 Misc
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Eine junge Dame hat ein Kleid aus 3000 Yak-Nippeln entworfen. Und ich dachte bis jetzt, ich würde nix' von Mode verstehen.

A BRIT designer has been slammed as “sick” after her show at London Fashion Week included dresses made from yaks’ NIPPLES.

Models wearing Rachel Freire’s creations – fashioned from 3,000 nipples – paraded down the catwalk at Somerset House on Monday.

The 32-year-old designer – who has worked with stars such as Christina Aguilera and Courtney Love – said she was excited about the two dresses and bras made up from body parts given to her by a tannery.

The controversial show also included an elaborate bra made from protruding nipples.

Dress made from yak nipples that shocked London Fashion Week