The Pope Song

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Wenn der Papst kommt, gibt's nur ein Video das man zeigen kann. Ach ja, nein. Es sind zwei:

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Ansonsten möchte ich einen der besten Ex-Blogger ever zitieren, Agitpop: „Wann is'n der Papst endlich wieder weg? Die Berichterstattung nervt mich.“

Ach naja, und die NYTimes halt: A Papal Homecoming to a Combative Germany (via Andreas)

Instead of a pleasant visit to his native land, the trip to Germany this week by Pope Benedict XVI promises to be a journey to one of the front lines in the battle over the future of the Roman Catholic Church. […]

Benedict will be greeted with demands for change on a variety of controversial issues, including the celibacy requirement for priests, women’s role in the church, gay rights and aid for victims of sexual abuse by priests. Many in Parliament have threatened to boycott his speech to its members.

After landing Thursday at Tegel Airport in Berlin, he will be officially welcomed at Bellevue Palace by President Christian Wulff, a Catholic who divorced and remarried, and can therefore be barred in some cases from Holy Communion. His host during his stay in Berlin will be the gay Catholic mayor, Klaus Wowereit.