Doku: The Code

(Youtube Direktcode, via Swen)

Schöne Mathe-Doku der BBC: The Code. Oben Teil 1, Teil 2 hier, Teil 3 da, Snip:

The Code is a three-part TV series about maths in the world around us, presented by the Oxford University Maths lecturer Marcus du Sautoy.

Marcus du Sautoy explores the hidden numerical code that underpins nature, going in search of the numbers, shapes and patterns in everything from human veins to the night sky. He begins by revealing how 12th-century medieval clergy used simple number ratios to create cathedrals that they felt mirrored God's creation, uses pi to predict a Brighton fisherman's biggest-ever catch and explores the bizarre world of imaginary numbers, claiming that the radar used by air-traffic controllers is only made possible because of a figure that does not exist.