Slit Scan Panoramaworld on a R/C-Helicopter

(Youtube Direktrotor, via MeFi)

Youtube-User mguw hat eine Cam auf den Rotorkopf seines ferngesteuerten Helis gebastelt und die Umdrehungsgeschwindigkeit auf eine Umdrehung pro Frame eingestellt. Heraus kommt eine Slitscan Panoramawelt, ähnlich dem Effekt beim Filmen von Flugzeugrotoren. Aus einem Kommentar:

This is an effect of digital video cameras. They don't record every single row of pixels at the exact same moment (which is characteristic of film camcorders). So while he set the rpm of his helicopter to match 1 round per frame of the camera (as stated in the description), each row of pixels was recorded or (scanned) onto the camera sensor slightly after the previous row. The difference in the apparent 'amplitude' was from the speed of rotation controlled via remote.