Dissected 1969 Mustang Coupe 1:1-Scale-Papercraft

Dieser Motor eines 1969 Mustang Coupe ist eine 1:1-Replika aus Papier, das Ding ist reproduiziert bis in die einzelnen Schrauben! Jonathan Brand hat das für eine Ausstellung namens „One Piece at a Time“ in New York gebaut, am Ende stehen bzw liegen dort dann kompletten Einzelteile eines Mustangs aus Papier. Der Name der Ausstellung basiert auf einem Song von Johnny Cash über einen Autobauer in Detroit, der die Einzelteile vom Fließband klaut und zuhause Stück für Stück zusammenbaut. Whoa!

The show's title is a nod to the Johnny Cash song about the Detroit assembly line worker who dreams of someday owning one of the Cadillacs he builds. He decides to "appropriate" a car one piece at a time, stashing stolen parts in his lunch box everyday to bring home and reassemble.

The American automobile has played a large part in Brand's personal life and his art. His grandfather was a millwright who installed the Detroit assembly lines referred to in Cash's song. His uncle and cousins are mechanics. He has restored three vintage cars with his father. One of which, a 1969 Mustang, took him five years to rebuild and has been the inspiration for several bodies of work. He sold the Mustang to buy his fiancee a diamond engagement ring in an exchange that inspired one of his previous exhibitions.

The surfaces of the works in One Piece At A Time consist of thousands of geometric facets, much like those on the surface of a cut diamond. To construct the sculptures in this show, Brand begins with computer drawings that are printed as large-format inkjet prints. He then cuts, folds and glues these shapes together, 3-D jigsaw puzzle style. The end result is a duplication of all aspects of the exterior and interior -- from tires and hubcaps to door handles, glove box and engine. Viewers will be surrounded by an intimidating number of parts, providing an experience similar to the one Brand had restoring the original car.