1958 Johnson Outboard-Motor as a DIY-Drink Blender

Gran.di.os! Ich werde mir meine Drinks ab sofort nur noch von umgebauten Außerbordmotoren mixen lassen, soviel ist klar. Gibt's für nur 2800$ auf Etsy.

(Youtube Direktblender)

Sit back and watch the smiles and looks of disbelief among your friends and fellow tailgaters! One of a kind gas powered blender built from a vintage Johnson outboard motor. Tailgate parties, road trips, picnics, boating, beach trips, or the tiki bar will never be same. Mix margaritas, daiquiris, and pina coladas from any location with this unique portable blender. Smoothly blends an entire pitcher of drinks in seconds.

I started this project with a classic 1958 Johnson outboard, and removed all of the original motor and drive gears. The blender is now powered by a new Homelite 2-cycle motor. I used the original tiller handle to operates the throttle, and the original choke lever operates the choke, and the original kill button will stop the motor. The motor is rubber mounted and a custom exhaust system exits out of the bottom of the housing to a Honda generator muffler to keep the sound muffled. Everything was bead blasted and powder coated for a very durable finish, and original decals complete the authentic look. This took 6-months to engineer and build.

Gas Powered Portable Drink Blender 1958 Johnson Outboard (via Neatorama)