TrustoCorps Fake-Mag Shopdropping

Die großartigen TrustoCorps haben per Shopdropping drei gefakede Tabloid-Mags in New York und Los Angeles zwischen die Magazine geschmuggelt. Sehr schöne Aktion, zwei weitere Cover nach dem Klick. Links zu den im Artikel erwähnten „secret Websites“ habe ich leider nicht, falls da jemand mehr weiß: Immer her damit.

No details were spared as headlines blasted celebrities and public figures like Lindsey Lohan, Sarah Palin and Donald Trump in hypothetical features of entertaining variants for ever popular gossip magazines such as US, People and OK. What’s more is that each page of the tabloid have an embedded alphanumeric code that leads to a secret website for people that can figure it out. So keep your eyes peeled as you pass by your local newsstands as you may be lucky enough to find that TrustoCorp made a special delivery in your neighborhood.

TrustoCorp – Tabloid Magazine Interventions, TrustoCorps Website (via Laughing Squid)

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