Insect-controlled MIDI-Sequencer

(Youtube Direktplinkplonk)

Jochem van Grieken hat vier Heuschrecken in Reagenzgläser gesetzt und schickt deren Bewegungen per Lichtschranke an Ableton. Die vier Heuschrecken erinnern mich ein bisschen an die Tracks von Robert Hood. Aber nur ein kleines bisschen.

I have always been fascinated by the seemingly chaotic patterns everywhere in nature. The way ants organize themselves, the behavior of swarming locusts, even down to the microscopic level of bacteria competing with each other to survive. Over the last year I tried to duplicate some of this behavior with analog electronics but still felt there was something missing. In this project I tried combining both worlds in a single installation.

I used an arduino to process the incoming signals from the light sensitive sensors and turn them into midi messages. As soon as a difference in light level is detected it plays a note with a pitch corresponding to the amount of light hitting the sensor. This information then goes into Ableton Live wich creates all the sounds. There is also a switch to select the 4 different modes: instruments, synthesis, samples and drums.

the Insect Orchestra (via Hackaday)