All Justin Bieber-Videos pulled from Youtube by Copyright-Prankster

Ein Troll namens iLCreation hat per Fake-DMCA-Takedown-Notices alle (!) Justin Bieber-Videos von Youtube löschen lassen. Zwar nur für ein paar Stunden – mittlerweile sind sie wieder online – aber immerhin. Dass muss man erstmal lustig finden, wenn man dann aber darüber nachdenkt, offenbart der Prank die Schwächen im System Youtube:

a "prankster" was able to remove all of Justin Bieber's videos from YouTube by filing a bunch of bogus DMCA notices. While a lot of people find this amusing for one reason or another, it really highlights a key problem with the DMCA's notice-and-takedown process, which is a "censor now, deal with the consequences later" system. As has been pointed out in the past, it seems like this process is a violation of the First Amendment, in that it involves the shutting down of speech prior to any sort of due process or adversarial hearing.

All Of Justin Bieber's Music Removed From YouTube Via 'Prank' DMCA Claims