#fakestarwarsblurayleaks hat sich entwickelt sich grade angesichts der Lucas'schen Scheußlichkeit zur Twitter-Meme.

- When I throw the Emperor to his death I yell "This is Sparta!!" (@DepressedDarth)
- Giant Midichlorians are flying in the Space-Slug instead of Mynocks (Yours Truly)
- Greedo shoots himself (@SithSarcasm)
- I am actually drunk when han solo accidentally knocks me into the sarlaac pit (@Fett_Etiquette)
- All of R2-D2's beeps & whistles were changed to smooth-sounding-British-accented-female-voice English. (@ElGeorgeRiveraR)
- max rebo is really playing "On The Run" (Pink Floyd Darkside of the Moon) in Jabba's palace. (@PhatShaggy)
- Lucas changed Master Yodas's lines to correct grammar and is now voiced by Ali G. (@ElGeorgeRiveraR)
- "Luke, I'm not your real father. You were adopted." (@theeNoahRay)
- The Death Star is replaced with an actual moon. (@sauragnmon)