Vegan Black Metal Chef: Tempura Asparagus Sushi

30.08.2011 Misc #Food #Metal

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(Youtube Direktblackmetal, via Martin)

Oben Folge 3 von Vegan Black Metal Chefs Kochshow für satanische Headbanger. Diesmal mit Spargel-Sushi:

This is a complete walkthrough on how to make vegan tempura asparagus well as how to make other types of vegan sushi.

Not too much else to say besides, enjoy, thanks for the support and make this shit. Its REally REally Really fucking good. This will make serious quality sushi. I am big on taste more than appearance so if you want to learn a bunch of other fancy ways to roll sure there are plenty of tutorials out there.

Nach dem Klick Folge 4 mit „A seitanic udon noodle stirfry, a seitanic curry, Bbq seitan sandwiches“.