Wikileaks: Spider-Man is a Squirter Of Crypto-Christian Benediction

In einem Wikileaks-Cable ist die Rede von Spiderman-Kindergeburtstagstellern. Der Netzschwinger ist darauf in seiner typischen Pose zu sehen, während er Netze aus seinen Netzsprühern schiesst. Der saudi-arabische Zoll hält dies für ein „crypto-Christian sign of benediction“, einen Krypto-Segen.

The real reason this contact has such trouble is that the most conservative Saudis oppose the celebration of birthdays as un-Islamic; however, the reasons Customs officers cite are typically more specific and bizarre. She said that during her efforts to gain the release of her most recent shipment from customs, she was told that Barbie (pictured on cups she hoped to sell) was a Zionist figure, while pictures of Spiderman on paper plates shooting webs really symbolized a crypto-Christian sign of benediction.

Spider-Man, Squirter Of Crypto-Christian Benediction