Vintage stereoscopic Pics from Hell

29.08.2011 Misc #Hell #Vintage

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Retronaut hat ein paar tolle uralte stereoskopische Bilder von Dioramas aus den 1860ern, die die Hölle in 3D zeigen. Die Dinger wurden damals von Abrissarbeitern in Paris gefunden. Leider nicht in besonders hoher Auflösung, aber immerhin: Hölle in 3D! Seh' ich zwar noch früh genug, aber man kann sich ja schonmal 'nen Eindruck von seinem zukünftigen Altersheim machen.

‘A crew of demolition workers in Paris discovered a mysterious wooden box hidden in the ruins of a condemned building. The box, which had been wrapped with old military belts, was found to contain a collection of photographs depicting a hedonistic world filled with drunken devils, sinister skeletons and scantily clad women. An anonymous note found buried among the glass images added:

‘“This is the work of my life, it is thus that I dreamed of Hell. If my visions are true, then the wicked may rest assured, the afterlife will be sweet for them to bear.”

‘What the demolition workers discovered that day was a series of photographs known as Les Diableries, The Diabolical. Each scene in the series was composed of an elaborate diorama sculpted out of plaster and clay and embellished with miniature props. Created in Paris during the 1860s, the series was printed in the form of stereoscopic transparencies.’

HELL IN 3D, 1860S