Style Wars 2 – Trailer

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Die Sequelitis ist jetzt auch bei den Graffiti-Dokus angekommen. Aber der Trailer zu Amos Angeles und Veli Silvers Film sieht durchaus anständig aus und den Segen des Produzenten des Originals haben sie offensichtlich auch, von der Website zum Film:

To Whom it May Concern:

Regarding Amos Angeles and Veli Silver

Im happy to say that the film Style Wars, that I co-produced with Tony Silver, has had a significant impact upon the world's culture. Many young people have been influenced by the film and inspired to become artists or filmmakers themselves. Among those who have shown me their ideas for a film, Amos Angeles and Veli Silver really stand out. I have seen their work-in-prograss, with the working title „Style Wars II“. It is a completely original film that makes intelligent and extremely funny references to our nearly 30-year-old film, but in contemporary situations. They use clever dialogue and audio quotes from Style Wars to establish the context. In ironic, and often hilarious scenes they engage the varios elements of the film's narrative, such as the conflict with authorities, the cross-out wars and the emergence of graffiti in the art world, in surprising ways.

People often ask me when I plan to make the sequel, Style Wars II, something which I have no intention of doing. I have listened to many hackneyed ideas on the subject, which usually involve documenting the growing spread of graffiti art and other elements of Hip Hop culture around the world. The film that Amos Angeles and Veli Silver are engaged in making is a refreshing departure from those efforts. It is exceptional and I am more than glad to support them in their efforts and eager to see the finished product.

Henry Chalfant.

Nach dem Klick nochmal der erste Teil, komplett auf Vimeo:

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