Comics with Problems: Daffy Qaddafi – Malice in Wonderland

Comics with Problems ist Ethan Persoff schon seit Jahren laufende Sammlung der wtf-igsten WTF-Comics im Internet überhaupt. Der neueste Eintrag: Daffy Qaddafi, ein Stückchen US-Propagandageschichte aus den 80ern mit Gaddafi, Reagan, Einhörnern und Daffy Duck: „Anonymously credited U.S. agitprop where it's alluded Qaddafi has sex with livestock, is jackshit insane, and attends a "Tea Party" with Ronald Reagan.
Featuring Tattoo from Fantasy Island, and Daffy Duck.“

1986 comic book, credited to "Comics USA". Beautiful nonsense. No information on artist and writer, and only comic to have been produced by company ... and despite weird presentation is quite researched and specific. Which is to say if it quacks like a duck, it's probably a duck. (in this instance, the duck being govt agitprop)

PROBLEM(s) DEALT WITH: Issued during peak of rivalry between Gaddafi and Reagan, or as the burlesque song title from 1955 says "We're Stuck Between Those Two Assholes (again)"

COMICS WITH PROBLEMS #43 - Proudly presenting Vintage Insane-o U.S. Propaganda "Daffy Qaddafi" (1986)