Ai WeiWei launches harsh Criticism on China

Oh oh, ob das mal gut geht. Ai WeiWei, der seit seiner Freilassung unter strengen Auflagen im Juni nach wie vor unter Hausarrest steht, hat im Newsweek Magazine einen bitteren Artikel voller Kritik an der chinesischen Führung veröffentlicht, in dem er andeutet, das Land verlassen zu wollen, was er bislang immer abgelehnt hatte. Meiner Meinung nach sollte er das tun. Besser im Exil leben und den chinesischen Diktatoren auf den Sack gehen, denn als Märtyrer für die Kunst und die gute Sache zu sterben. Komm' nach Berlin, Dicker!

There are positives to Beijing. People still give birth to babies. There are a few nice parks. Last week I walked in one, and a few people came up to me and gave me a thumbs up or patted me on the shoulder. Why do they have to do that in such a secretive way? No one is willing to speak out. What are they waiting for? They always tell me, “Weiwei, leave the nation, please.” Or “Live longer and watch them die.” Either leave, or be patient and watch how they die. I really don’t know what I’m going to do.

My ordeal made me understand that on this fabric, there are many hidden spots where they put people without identity. With no name, just a number. They don’t care where you go, what crime you committed. They see you or they don’t see you, it doesn’t make the slightest difference. There are thousands of spots like that. Only your family is crying out that you’re missing. But you can’t get answers from the street communities or officials, or even at the highest levels, the court or the police or the head of the nation. My wife has been writing these kinds of petitions every day, making phone calls to the police station every day. Where is my husband? Just tell me where my husband is. There is no paper, no information.

The strongest character of those spaces is that they’re completely cut off from your memory or anything you’re familiar with. You’re in total isolation. And you don’t know how long you’re going to be there, but you truly believe they can do anything to you. There’s no way to even question it. You’re not protected by anything. Why am I here? Your mind is very uncertain of time. You become like mad. It’s very hard for anyone. Even for people who have strong beliefs.

This city is not about other people or buildings or streets but about your mental structure. If we remember what Kafka writes about his Castle, we get a sense of it. Cities really are mental conditions. Beijing is a nightmare. A constant nightmare.

The City: Beijing – Ai Weiwei finds China’s capital is a prison where people go mad, Reuters: China dissident Ai Weiwei launches scathing attack on govt (Bild: Ai WeiWei von ahn sang-soo)