Onyx Ashantis Bodymovement-Dings-Controller

28.08.2011 Misc Music Tech
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(Vimeo Direktdings, via Martin)

Onyx Ashanti hat einen Live-Controller für elektronische Musik erfunden, der seine Körperbewegungen in Beats und Bleeps umsetzt. Oder so ähnlich. Onyx hat schon mit Marshall Jefferson, Soul II Soul und Basement Jaxx rumgemacht und scheint zu wissen, was er da tut. Ich weiß es nicht, find's aber ziemlich cool. Hier sein Auftritt auf der TED-Konferenz, hier isser im Tresor, Snip von seiner Website:

The beatjazz controller is really a three-way wireless sensor network that converts his finger, hand, and breath movements, into musical control data, which allows him to play synthesizers with dance-like movements and saxophone-like fingerings. In addition, Onyx created a light based “element narration” subsystem that relates sound types to colors so the audience has a better idea of which part of the arrangement that Onyx is playing at any given time. the system was designed specifically for beatjazz and the combination of the two together create a never before realized marriage of sound, light and motion.

Onyx has now begun his new sonic journey in earnest and plans nothing less than to change the entire infrastructure of what the world calls music and to inject a much needed "live-ness" to electronic music culture by not only performing beatjazz, but also sharing his concept with the world as an open source project-controller plans, as well as musical concepts-, so that beatjazz may virally find its way into every aspect of modern music.