Foam Missile Launcher shoots the Coder who breaks the Build

(Youtube Direktmissile, via Waxy)

Tolle Erfindung für alle Codingsklavenhalter: Eine Open Source-Lösung zur Steuerung eines Schaumstoffraketenwerfers, der den Coder abschießt, der die aktuell entwickelte Version kaputtcoded. Im Video sieht man „Tom take one in the back of the head all because of a missing semicolon!“ Code, Monkey! Code!

At a deeper level Retaliation is more than just a “simple python script”. It’s a radical rethink into how to manage software development teams and the software development lifecycle. It works on a deep psychological level to offer vast productivity improvements. The primal threat of mutually assured destruction lurking in every coder’s psyche ensures that even your sloppiest developers will never forget to check in that missing file again!