The Public Domain Review

24.08.2011 Misc #Copyright

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Public Domain Review: Tolle Website der Open Knowledge Foundation, sowas wie ein kuratiertes Internet Archive für Arbeiten in der Public Domain. Links führen immer zu Originalquellen, jede Menge obskurer Vintage-Kram und alte Filme. Super!

The public domain is a vast commons of material that everyone is free to enjoy, share and build upon without restriction. All works eventually enter the public domain – from classic works of art, music and literature, to abandoned drafts, tentative plans, and overlooked fragments.

The Public Domain Review aspires to become a bounteous gateway into the whopping plenitude that is the public domain, helping our readers to explore this rich terrain by surfacing unusual and obscure works, and offering fresh reflections and unfamiliar angles on material which is more well known.

By providing a curated collection of exotic scraps and marvellous rarities and linking to freely distributable copies of works in online archives and from far flung corners of the web, we hope to encourage readers to further utilise and explore public domain works by themselves.

The Public Domain Review (via Techdirt, Bild aus THE MECHANISM OF HUMAN PHYSIOGNOMY)