Skatistan Ausstellung in Berlin

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Im Rahmen der Berlin Music Week stellt das Skateistan-Projekt im Hatch Sticker Museum in Berlin aus, hier die PM (hier als PDF, via Just).

STREET CUL­TU­RES like skate­boar­ding, break­dancing and street art have the fa­sci­na­ting po­ten­ti­al to bring peop­le of dif­fe­rent back­grounds to­ge­ther, brid­ging the gap bet­ween their so­ci­al and cul­tu­ral dif­fe­ren­ces, and thus crea­ting an op­por­tu­ni­ty for ex­chan­ge and co­ope­ra­ti­on. Hip Hop, skate­boar­ding, and BMX are no lon­ger only part of wes­tern cul­tu­re, but have be­co­me glo­bal phe­no­me­na that are growing es­pe­ci­al­ly quick­ly in Asia. As a re­sult, the num­ber of pro­jects and in­itia­ti­ves that use street cul­tu­res as a tool in in­ter­na­tio­nal de­ve­lop­ment work is growing stea­di­ly.

Many of the peop­le that are in­vol­ved with these ac­tivi­ties have re­co­gni­zed that sport and crea­ti­ve pro­grams can be con­nec­ted to „Em­power­ment“ and edu­ca­ti­on in a very sen­si­ble way. This in­clu­des in­itia­ti­ves like „Back to School“ pro­grams that focus on tra­di­tio­nal forms of edu­ca­ti­on, as well as more ex­pe­ri­men­tal forms of edu­ca­ti­on that are lar­ge­ly crea­ti­ve arts based and focus on so­ci­al­ly in­clined to­pics, i.e. local com­mu­nities are being em­power­ed about to­pics like en­vi­ron­ment, health, diet, and ra­cism.

The net­works of these va­rious street cul­tu­res work in an in­for­mal way to over­co­me lan­gua­ge and cul­tu­ral bar­riers, as these ac­tivi­ties have their own lan­gua­ge and cul­tu­re. For ex­amp­le, skate­boar­ders speak to each other in a cer­tain way about the sport that is uni­ver­sal, a kick­flip is al­ways a kick­flip, and street art has its own codes and sym­bols. Con­se­quent­ly, he­ri­ta­ge, re­li­gi­on, skin color, or so­ci­al sta­tus are pus­hed into the back­ground. Through street cul­tu­res in­ter­cul­tu­ral brid­ges are being built, which can be used to re­du­ce pre­ju­di­ce and pro­mo­te con­flict re­so­lu­ti­on.

The event in­tro­du­ces pro­jects from Cam­bo­dia, Af­gha­nis­tan, China and India, that are using new and in­no­va­ti­ve me­thods in the field of so­ci­al de­ve­lop­ment, with their own stra­te­gies and mo­dels.

The ex­hi­bi­ti­on will be ac­com­pa­nied by films, work­shops, sky­pe-​con­fe­ren­ces, fund­rai­sing events and a music pro­gram under the um­brel­la of the Ber­lin Music Week.

Das komplette Programm nach dem Klick:


06-17.​09.​2011 / Wed­nes­day-​Sa­tur­day / 12.​00 – 18.​00 Uhr
EX­HI­BIT: SKA­TEIS­TAN – Skate­board School Af­gha­nis­tan
Hatch Sti­cker Mu­se­um, Brun­nen­stras­se 196 / 3. HH, 10119 Ber­lin

06-17.​09.​2011 / Mon­day-​Sa­tur­day / 12.​00 – 18.​00 Uhr
EX­HI­BIT: TINY TOO­NES & TINY DROPS – Hip Hop Schools Cam­bo­dia & India
Hip Hop Stütz­punkt, Ma­ri­en­bur­ger Stra­ße 16a / 10405 Ber­lin


08.​09.​2011 / Thurs­day / 19.​00 Uhr
Music: DJ URI (Tiny Drops, India), AU­TO­64
Hatch Sti­cker Mu­se­um, Brun­nen­stras­se 196 / 3. HH, 10119 Ber­lin

15.​09.​2011 / Thurs­day / 14.​00 – 21.​00 Uhr
CON­FE­RENCE: Youth Cul­tu­ral De­ve­lop­ment Pro­jects
in Con­flict Re­gi­ons with Zahra Said, Erika Ki­nast, Joel Sames u.A.
Ar­chiv der Ju­gend­kul­tu­ren, Fi­di­cin­stra­ße 3, 10965 Ber­lin

16.​09.​2011 / Fri­day / 19.​00 Uhr
Hip Hop Stütz­punkt, Ma­ri­en­bur­ger Stra­ße 16a / 10405 Ber­lin


07.​09.​2011 / Wed­nes­day / 23.​00 Uhr
Music: DJ URI (Tiny Drops, India), BEA­TE­VO­LU­TIO­NERS
Cas­sio­peia, Re­va­ler­stra­ße 99, 10245 Ber­lin

10.​09.​2011 / Sa­tur­day / 23.​00 Uhr
with DJ URI (Tiny Drops, India), MARC HYPE, MITCH ALVE
Klub der Re­pu­blik, Pap­pel­al­lee 81, 10437 Ber­lin

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