Planting Trees into Climate Crisis

(Youtube Direkttrees, via Rebelart)

Interessante Aktion einer neuen Guerilla-Gruppe namens Black Locust, die nach eigenen Angaben hunderte von Bäumen unter die Gebäude von Vattenfall und das Kraftwerk Jänschwalde gepflanzt haben. Ob der Plan hinhaut, wage ich zu bezweifeln, aber das Konzept finde ich ziemlich gelungen, wenn auch vielleicht 'ne Spur zu artyfarty. Aber kann man so machen.

Last night the Black Locust Movement has taken covert action against destructive and dangerous coal energy production in Germany through the seeding of the subversive tree Robinia pseudoacacia. The trees will take some time to establish roots and rhizomes before revealing themselves aboveground. After several years of silent sprouting they will push their way through stone and concrete in order to continue their growth in the open air.
The pioneering characteristics of the Black Locust help us to break up the foundations of climate criminals, their technical facilities, their decision making-centers and their myths of clean coal. Thanks to the trees' resilient and invasive qualities, we will have achieved an irreversible organic undermining of the following facilities:

- The Berlin headquarters of Vattenfall Europe.
- The Nordic Embassies in Berlin.
- The lignite-fired power station of Jänschwalde and the roads around the lignite mine.

Several hundred trees have been planted. Now they will grow and reclaim power structures that are harmful to life on this earth.