Halflife-Shortfilm: Escape from City 17 – Part 2

(Youtube Direkthalflife, via Martin)

Wie vorhin angekündigt, haben die Purchase Brothers den zweiten Teil ihres „Escape from City 17“-Kurzfilms online gestellt, dessen erster Teil vor zwei Jahren durch die Decke ging.

A story about the connection that grows between two people during the battle for city 17. Made in the same gritty guerrilla style as the original, it was made on a $250 budget, previously owned/donated software, time, and an HVX200 camera.

Escape From City 17 Part One was created as a long form spec commercial for Ian and David's commercial demo reel. They completed the second short in their spare time and want to thank everyone that enjoyed the first.

Nach dem Klick nochmal der erste Teil.