Cthulhu Card Game

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Ein neues Card Game von Atlas, bei dem es das Ziel des Spielers ist, endlich den erlösenden Tod zu finden, während man die Mitspieler am nervigen Leben erhalten muss. Klingt nach 'nem Game für mich.

From Dunwich to Innsmouth, from the halls of Miskatonic University to the Charles Dexter Ward at Arkham Sanitarium, trouble is in the air. The stars are almost right, and terrors from beyond space and time are beginning to break through. When Cthulhu rises, we're all doomed -- but whose downfall will be the most entertaining?

In Cthulhu Gloom, you control a group of Lovecraftian protagonists and guide them down a path of horror and madness to an untimely death, while keeping your opponents happy, healthy, and annoyingly alive. While your characters Gibber With Ghouls and Learn Loathsome Lore to earn negative points, you'll encourage your opponents to be Analyzed by Alienists and to Just Forget About the Fungus to pile on positive points. When one group finally falls prey to the interdimensional doom that awaits us all, the player whose characters have suffered the most wins.

Cthulhu Gloom – A transparent card game from Atlas Games, mehr Bilder bei Boardgame Geek (via Lovecraftsman)

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