Löschpapier Halftone Printer

16.08.2011 Design #DIY #Print

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Schönes Projekt von Paul Ferragut, der eine auf Löschpapier basierende Druckmaschine gebaut hat.

The time print device uses blotting paper with Letraset felt-pen. The felt-pen ink bleed in the paper for a duration relative to the grey value of a pixel. Every "time stain" gradually recreates any images in a pointilist style.

This machine functions in a similar way to a CNC machine, with an incorporated program to print any image using a time-based algorithm. According to the grey value of a pixel on an image, the felt pen remains in contact with the blotting paper for relative periods of time. Consequently the ink will bleed through the paper creating a variety of different sized stains, gradually building the image.
It can takes around 34 hours to print one colour image. The slow printing process and the imperfections we obtain every time is what makes every print unique.