Swarm of Robots steals a Book

15.08.2011 Misc Tech #Robots

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(Youtube Direktbots)

Der Swarmanoid, ein Roboter-Schwarm von Professor Marco Dorigo bestehend aus Hand-Boot, Foot-Bot und Eye-Bot, klaut ein Buch. Das hier ist sowas wie „Oceans 11“ für Roboter und unsere Enkel werden uns für die Technologie hier vielleicht mal auslachen – oder vielleicht auch nicht, wenn Skynet und der Swarmanoid die Weltherrschaft an sich gerissen hat.

the Swarmanoid developed by Dr. Marco Dorigo is an amazing demonstration of robotic team work. Swarmanoid uses a group of different robots to accomplish their goals, but these robots are divided into classes each with their own special skills. Their heterogenius makeup and redundant nature means that Swarmanoid is designed to be better and more reliable than individual robots or homogenius swarms.

Let’s run through the cast: There’s the spy, eye-bot, which can hover and attach to ceilings. Using its cameras, eye-bot tracks down the target and sends the intelligence to the rest of the team. With this information, rolling foot-bots create a ground-based network based off eye-bot intelligence. To complete their task, two foot-bots team up with a hand-bot — the sticky-fingered acrobat of the team. Together, the foot-bots carry the hand-bot into position, which climbs and grapples to obtain their goal.

Amazing Swarmanoid is Like the A-Team, but With Robots