Pink Mustaches for Girls and the english Spies, who wanted to make Hitler a Woman

Toll! Pinke Schnurrbärte für Mädchen! (via Daniel) Dabei fällt mir die Story ein, die ich heute morgen beim Telegraph gelesen hatte: Spione wollten Hitler Estrogene ins Essen geben, um ihn weiblicher zu machen. Und das steht nicht in der Weekly World News sondern im konservativen britschen Blatt Telegraph.

Now it has come to light that British spies looked at an even more audacious way of derailing the man behind the German war machine - by giving him female sex hormones. Agents planned to smuggle doses of oestrogen into his food to make him less aggressive and more like his docile younger sister Paula, who worked as a secretary. Spies working for the British were close enough to Hitler to have access to his food, said Professor Brian Ford, who discovered the plot.

Revealed: sex hormone plan to feminise Hitler