Job Opportunity: Pirate Cultural Advisor

Die EU sucht einen Berater für Piratenkultur. Da das ganze nicht besonders viel mit Torrent-Trackern oder DDLs zu tun hat, habe ich das Ding einmal durch den Pirate Slang Generator gejagt – die Kausalitätskette leuchtet mir selber nicht so ganz ein, muss sie aber auch nicht – und das klingt dann so:

Career Vacancy: Swashbuckler Cultural Advisor

Th' EUNAVFOR Operation Headquarters (OHQ) be currently sprogin' a gentleman o' fortune cultural advisor. Please be seein' below fer further details includin' th' principal duties th' post-holder will fulfil an' th' experience required fer th' role. Instructions fer them wishin' t' submit an application can also be found here. Applications be t' be received by th' OHQ before close o' business on 24 Augst 2011.

Post Description: T' provide th' Operation Commander (OpCdr) an' OHQ staff wi' gentleman o' fortune cultural an' religious advice an' in particular t' advise on gentleman o' fortune trends an' weaknesses, includin' the'r perceived role in Somalia.

Principal Duties:
1. Advisor t' th' OpCdr on gentleman o' fortune culture, business model an' modus operandi in th' Indian Ocean.
2. In conjunction wi' th' Overseas Support Squadron garner information on negotiations fer ships bein' held by gentleman o' fortunes.
2. Provide an'/or prepare written an' verbal advice.
3. Provide guidance t' th' OHQ an' EU on gentleman o' fortune culture.

Additional Duties:
1. Work wi' Specialist Staff an' th' intelligence team in order t' develop possible gentleman o' fortune cases fer prosecution (in th' region or through a Member State).

Professional Experience: Military or ex-military who has worked wi' th' CP Forces an'/or other parties involved in CP (industry/insurers/negotiators).
Education: NA
Security Clearance: EU Secret

• Professional Experience: Workin' in Maritime Operations.

Responsible t':
• Op Cdr, through th' Deputy Operation Commander an' th' Chief o' Staff.

Authorised t':
• When authorised engage wi' all other agencies, as required t' achieve yer principal tasks an' responsibilities.

All applicants ortin' ta send a CV an' a coverin' letter or mail t' our Executive Officer usin' th' details below. Th' letter or email ortin' ta explain how th' swabbie’s experience will enable them t' perform in th' role, an' how 't meets th' requirements in th' job description. Applications ortin' ta be received by close o' business on 24 Augst 2011.

Career Vacancy: Pirate Cultural Advisor (via io9, Bild: Classics Illustrated 148 aus meiner geheimen Privatbibliothek)