American Psycho on a Map

Die Locations aus American Psycho auf einer Googlemap, sortiert nach Plätzen, die so noch existieren und solchen, die es nicht mehr gibt: Patrick Bateman's New York City: „Patrick Bateman's old haunts, both those long gone and still around. List compiled by Blue markers still exist. Red markers denote places that have since closed.“ Video oben die alte American Psycho-Hommage von Miles Fisher, hatte ich neulich erst bei seinem Final Destination-Video, aber ein Clip mit dem Titel „This must be the place“ inklusive American Psycho-Content zu einem Posting mit der Karte der Locations aus Bret Easton Ellis' Roman ist einfach zu perfekt.

Vom Posting dazu auf

You will never get a reservation at Dorsia.

Nor will you ever live in the American Gardens building, or dine at Barcadia, Pastels, or Crayons, where the tables are covered in paper for you to draw on.

No matter how rich, famous, and powerful you become, it simply won’t happen, for one simple reason: they’re all fictional, dreamed up by author Bret Easton Ellis.

But American Psycho, set in the soulless, superficial, status-seeking world of 1980′s New York finance, name-drops dozens of restaurants and clubs that actually did exist during that era, the elite NYC hot spots where you and I would have absolutely no shot of ever getting in (admit it!).

What still remains from the world of American Psycho? Are Patrick Bateman’s old haunts still around, turning away all but those graced with a much sought after reservation? Or have the Dorsia’s of the world been replaced by Shake Shacks and Duane Reades?

Patrick Bateman’s New York: What Happened To The World of American Psycho (via Gizmodo)