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Auf Reddit lief vorhin eine Ask me Anything-Aktion mit dem Sohn einer Dame, die unter anderem mit Alan Ginsberg in den 60ern die Unruhen in Chicago erlebte, als Kind 2 Klassen übersprang und 10 Instrumente spielte, in der David Johnny Carson-Show auftrat, Weltklasse-Falkonierin war, in einem Büro des Playboy gearbeitet hat und damals durch den Lake Michigan auf die Arbeit schwamm, nach der ein Insekt benannt wurde, eine preisgekrönte Werbeagentur gründete und nun im hohen Alter einen Hunter auf Level 85 in World of Warcraft spielt. Und einen Ameisenbären namens Claude besaß sie auch. Und anscheinend ist das tatsächlich alles wahr.

Doing the IAMA for my mom who had the anteater, Claude. Among other highlights, was on the Johnny Carson Show and swam in the Grotto at the Playboy Mansion in the 60's

My mom was thrilled with the response to the photo of her with the anteater. She's staying with me this week, and wanted to give back for all the wonderful praise that Reddit bestowed upon her. So her life is an open book. Ask away. I'll give you a few highlights to get you started...
1) She skipped 2 grades in school.
2) Played 10 instruments while growing up.
3) Has an insect species named after her (A batfly, Strebla Christinae - lives in the armpits of bats)
4) Used to swim to work in Lake Michigan from the north side of Chicago (division st.) to her office at the Playboy Building (Michigan and Lake Shore Drive)
5) Swam in the grotto at the Playboy Mansion in the 60's.
6) Lived in Soho in 1960 and was heavily involved in the art scene there.
7) Was with Alan Ginsberg during the police riots in Chicago in 1968. Was later mugged, but got out of it by telling the mugger this story.
8) Was married to Jim Fowler during the 60's and travelled the world with him while he was filming Wild Kingdom.
9) Spent her honeymoon with him hiking the Panamanian Jungle for a month.
10) Was a world-class falconress who owned many exotic animals, Iguanas, A Fox, A Peruvian wild dog, 8 hawks and eagles, and of course, Claude, the anteater, and assisted Jim with his animals on the Johnny Carson show.
11) Worked at the Art Institute in Chicago and had a Monet, amongst others at different times, hanging in her office.
12) Started the volunteer program that is currently the standard for all Humane Societies.
13) Was married to a Danish Mercenary who fought in Zimbabwe during the 70's.
14) Owned an award winning ad firm for many years.
15) Plays WoW and has a lvl 85 Hunter (among others) on Shadow Council. For real.

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