Human-Horse-Synthesis as performance art

Marion Laval-Jeantet vom französischen Künstlerduo Art Orienté objet hat ihren Körper in Monaten auf eine Infusion mit Pferdeblut-Plasma vorbereitet, was sie dann in einer Performance durchgezogen hat und für kurze Zeit aus so 'ne subtil-intravenöse Art mit dem Tier sprichwörtlich verschmolzen ist. Doch! Echt! Tatsächlich! Kunst!

Over the course of several months, the artist prepared her body by allowing to be injected with horse immunoglobulins, the glycoproteins that circulate in the blood serum, and which, for example, can function as antibodies in immune response. The artist called the process "mithridatization", after Mithridates VI of Pontus who cultivated an immunity to poisons by regularly ingesting sub-lethal doses of the same.

In February 2011, having progressively built up her tolerance to the foreign animal bodies, she was injected with horse blood plasma containing the entire spectrum of foreign immunoglobulins, without falling into anaphylactic shock, an acute multi-system allergic reaction.

Horse immunoglobulins by-passed the defensive mechanisms of her own human immune system, entered her blood stream to bond with the proteins of her own body and, as a result of this synthesis, have an effect on all major body functions, impacting even the nervous system, so that the artist, during and in the weeks after the performance, experienced not only alterations in her physiological rhythm but also of her consciousness. "I had the feeling of being extra-human," explained the artist. "I was not in my usual body. I was hyper-powerful, hyper-sensitive, hyper-nervous and very diffident. The emotionalism of an herbivore. I could not sleep. I probably felt a bit like a horse.'

Que le cheval vive en moi (May the horse live in me)