Happy World - Burma, the dictatorship of the absurd

(Vimeo Direktburma, via MeFi)

Superinteressante halbstündige Doku über Burma und den völlig absurden Alltag dort. 2008 hatte Blogger Tristan Mendes-France ein Posting über das Drogenmuseum (tatsächlich: ein dreistöckiges Gebäude auf tausenden Quadratmetern, das allermeistens komplett menschenleer ist) gefunden, hatte recherchiert und so dermaßen viel unfassbar absurde Dinge über Burma herausgefunden, dass er über ein paar Kontakte mit Gael Bordier dort hinfuhr und dieses Projekt stemmte. Hat sich mehr als gelohnt!

While posing as tourists—since that's the only way to legally enter Burma as a foreigner—the two French filmmakers behind Happy World uncovered a number of arbitrary and oftentimes laughable measures employed by a regime known more for its brutality than its silliness. For instance, traffic patterns are based on horoscope readings; currency was once divisible by the junta's lucky number, 9; and people are superstitiously forced to grow a shrub called kyet-suu, because its name is the inverse of democracy leader (Aung San) Suu Kyi’s.

Among the more bizarre moments of the 30-minute film is a visit to the Drug Elimination Museum, which the junta created to divert attention away from the fact that it is profiting from the country's opium trade. If the public is being fooled by this charade, then there must be some other reason no one goes to this giant three-story paean to prohibition: The filmmakers were its first visitors in ages.

Mehr Infos aus der Website zum Film und nochmal mehr Infos über das Projekt hier: HAPPY WORLD: THE ABSURD DICTATORSHIP IN BURMA.