Dissecting a Football-Players Brain

(Guardian Direktbrains, via Neatorama)

Dr. Ann McKee vom „Center for the Study of Traumatic Encephalopathy“ nimmt in diesem Video das Gehirn eines Football-Spielers auseinander. Ich sag's immer wieder und diesmal wissenschaftlich untermauert: Sport ist Mord und macht kleine Pimmel Hirne. So.

McKee begins her examination of the unidentified football star's brain by turning it in her surgically gloved hands with the tender concentration of a fruit-lover inspecting a pineapple. "It's too small for an adult male's brain," she says. "There's shrinkage pretty much throughout the brain."

Using a long knife, she cuts the organ sideways – from ear to ear, as it were – so that the front half is separated from the back. The sliced surface glistens under the morgue's neon lighting.

The dissection reveals three huge holes in the brain – one large triangle right in the centre of the brain, and two ovals parallel to each other at the base. It is apparent that McKee, who has studied more athletes' brains than probably any other person, is shocked by what she sees.

"This is an extreme case," she says, "but it is also very characteristic."

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