Dadaras Art of turning Art into Money

(Youtube Direktmoney, via Just)

Über Dadaras Exchanghibition Bank hatte ich bereits vor ein paar ein paar Wochen gebloggt. In seiner Bank tauscht er Geldscheine im Wert von 0 und 1 Million seiner Kunstwährung gegen echte Kohle und mit dem Geld, das dabei herauskommt soll am Ende ein Schwimmbecken gefüllt werden: Der Pool of Plenty. Mit dem Ding ist er demnächst auf dem Burning Man-Festival, finanziert seinen Pool of Plenty nun auch über Fundraising und dazu gibt's obigen schicken Trailer, Snip von der Exchanghibition Bank-Website:

“When Bankers get together for dinner they discuss Art. When artists get together for dinner, they discuss money” – Oscar Wilde

Do you remember the image of Scrooge Duck diving into his money? Wealth and material accumulation once provided a happy image to children around the world, but have become increasingly dystopian and suspicious in recent times. Financial crisis has removed the pot of gold awaiting us at the end of the rainbow. Insatiable appetites for growth have allowed greed to drive us to the end of an abyss. While there is a great deal of disagreement, there is one consensual truth: something needs to change. But even though the fantasy of riches has gotten ever more distasteful, can you still resist a swim in a pool filled with money?

And that will be my new art project: a pool filled with millions of money bills, bundled in stacks -The Pool of Plenty. A closer look at the pool will reveal that the bills in the pool are not real money, but pieces of aesthetically pleasing art. During today’s financial crisis, art has been frequently cited as an advantageous alternative asset class and diamond encrusted skulls and Picasso’s go for over one hundred million. But do the millions of dollars that might buy you a Warhol or a Koons speak about the social or artistic value?