The Massive: Brian Woods new Comic about Activists

Brian Wood, einer der besten Comic-Autoren überhaupt und Schöpfer der fantastischen Serien DMZ und Northlanders, hat auf der ComicCon sein neuestes Projekt angekündigt, nachdem sowohl Northlanders als auch DMZ schon sehr bald eingestellt werden: The Massive, eine Comicserie über gescheiterte Polit- und Umweltaktivisten. Ich erwarte nicht weniger als ein Meisterwerk. Aus einem Interview auf Comicbook Resources:

"The Massive" is one of several story ideas I came up with that I refer to as "post-crash". In each case, that means something a little different -- an economic crash, and environmental crash, a breakdown of society, a man-made disaster of some kind. Basically, a disaster story that starts after the disaster has already come and gone. That probably sounds a lot like "post-apocalyptic," but in no way am I writing this as genre. But yeah, in the case of "The Massive," this is an environmental collapse, a rather unique one, and the story starts in the aftermath.

I thought it was interesting to write about activists and environmentalists who have formed that entire identity around efforts to save the world, and then finding out they utterly and completely failed. Where do you go from there? Talk about a massive (pun!) identity crises. And these are not necessarily tree hugger types, these characters, and this story is not something that can be categorized as some lefty fearmongering. I think if I've proved anything with "DMZ," is that I can take a socio-political, topical issue and write both sides, and make it not at all preachy. There's actually very little partisan politics in the story concepts I wrote for "The Massive." In a way, you can call it post-politics as well as post-crash.