Bookmarks for July 22nd: Pizza Jingles, Tom Waits for no one, Why People eat Dirt

‪Pudgies Pizza Radio Jingles 1970s & 1980s‬‏ - YouTube: Pudgies Pizza is a chain of pizza restaurants located in Upstate New York and parts of Pennsylvania. To me, this was the only pizza there was. <br />
Here's two radio jingles that bring back the memories of when all it took was a slice of pizza, some sunshine and smile on your face to make everything A-OK! I like the 70s jingle the best; short, catchy and funky! In typical 80s fashion, the jingle was doubled in length and the drums machine is pounding away while girls work out in leg warmers. But hey, it's all good. By the way, you'll hear mention of "Horseheads" in the 80s song. Horseheads is a small town in New York. Seems each Pudgies battles for superiority with other Pudgies!

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Make: | Are Google+ Hangouts the Next Hackerspaces?: For makers, something interesting started to happen almost immediately with the video collaboration feature. The video chat within Google+ is called “Hangouts” and you can have up to 10 people interact via video, text chat, YouTube, and screen images. Within the first week, makers started to experiment with Google+ Hangout video, and I immediately helped arrange the first “DIY electronics show-and-tell.” It was like a mini Maker Faire, Instructables front page, and hackerspace all rolled into one.

The Ruins of Villa Epecuen - Alan Taylor - In Focus - The Atlantic: Back in the 1920s, a tourist village was established along the shore of Lago Epecuen, a salt lake some 600 kilometers southwest of Buenos Aires, Argentina. The resort town, named Villa Epucuen, soon had a railroad station, and it thrived for several decades, peaking in the 1970s with a population of more than 5,000. Around the same time, a long-term weather event was delivering far more rain than usual to the surrounding hills for years, and Lago Epecuen began to swell. In 1985, the salty waters broke through an earthen dam, and Villa Epecuen was doomed. A slow-growing flood consumed the town until it reached a depth of 10 meters (33 feet) in 1993. The wet weather later reversed, and the waters began to recede in 2009. AFP photographer Juan Mabromata recently visited the ruins of Villa Epecuen, met its sole inhabitant, and returned with these images.

Billionaire in Abu Dhabi makes his name visible from space

BibliOdyssey: The Artillery Book – 16th century explosives and fireworks

World’s heaviest spider title challenged at Museum | Natural History Museum: The contenders were the Hercules baboon spider, and the current Guinness World Records (GWR) holder for world’s heaviest spider, the Goliath bird-eater.Museum bug expert George Beccaloni was contacted by GWR life sciences consultant Karl Shuker after reports of a possible rival. Karl asked George if he could check the size of the Hercules baboon spider as the Natural History Museum has the world’s only known specimen and George is the author of the Museum book, Big Bugs Life-Size.GWR Editor-in-Chief Craig Glenday came in to adjudicate when George measured the two spiders. Using a jar of alcohol and the Archimedes' Principle, both specimens were submerged to discover the volume of alcohol they displaced, and therefore the volume of their bodies.

Visualizing TV Dialog Using Closed Caption Data

‪Tom Waits For No One - Animated 1979 ... John Lamb‬‏ - YouTube: Tom Waits performed in 1978 live at the La Brea stage in Hollywood, photographed and rotoscoped.The original live action was shot with 5 cameras - 2 high, 2 low and one hand held.. shot by Dan O'Dowd and crew..The music from "The One That Got Away" blared in the background as Tom sang the lyrics. Donna Gordon is the dancer performing as the stripper, 6 takes and 13 hours of video footage were edited to make a 5 1/2 minute live action short which we turned into animation. A total of 5,500 frames were captured, re-drawn, inked and painted by hand onto celluloid acitate to create this film.

The WWI British Biplane on a Rooftop in Lower Manhattan - Metropolis - WSJ: For years, Shawn Hakimian has wondered why a World War I fighter plane sits on the roof of 77 Water Street.

Marlowe on Vimeo: We explore the life of a collector, artist and retired teacher and his history with a 40-year old Dodge Charger.

Why Some People Eat Dirt : Discovery News: After examining 482 cases of human geophagy and 330 records of the practice among animals in a meta-analysis, researchers led by Sera Young of Cornell University discovered that eating dirt had little to do with being hungry or seeking minerals the body might be lacking. Rather, the team found that geophagy may help stave off pathogens in the gut, especially for pregnant women and pre-adolescent children.

‪Bringing Parkour Back to Nature - Verzasca Run‬‏ - YouTube: [Brausehersteller] relocated four of the world's top free runners from their urban turf to the place where parkour got its start: the great outdoors.Obstacles abound as far as the eye can see along the turquoise waters and elephant sized rocks of the Verzasca Valley in Switzerland - making it the perfect parkour playground.

The longest and shortest Videos on Youtube (571 Hours!)

What is Steampunk? | ChristWire: Steampunk is a new sexual fetish that is sweeping across hipster groups in liberal urban areas. It is a sub-genre of hipsters that like Star Wars, books from the wild west, and World of Warcraft.<br />
Steampunks like to pretend that they live in a futurist Victorian era with a hint of MMO cosplay and emo-like makeup and hair styles. It is like a acid overdose of a raped and ravaged version of a Julius Vernes novel. Think Mark Twain and Disney having a red headed, atheist step child.<br />
Steampunkers dress up like mechanical human train robots and goto festivals like “Burning Man” where they can have “steam sex” with other steampunkers. It is almost what a 1800′s version of Transformers porn would look like, or a back in time 4chan furry sex convention.

Miniature Hong Kong Exhibition July 2011 - a set on Flickr: Super cool mini models of old Hong Kong. 

YouTube DMCA Takedown Grabs Track For Eminem | TorrentFreak: "I Just got a f*%king CRAZY email," Skepta tweeted last Thursday. "I don’t know if I should be angry or privileged. This explains why the f*%k YouTube took ‘Dare To Dream’ off.”" It happened like this.
After “Dare to Dream” was put up on YouTube one of its early listeners was Jimmy Iovine, founder of Interscope records. Recognizing quality, Iovine had plans in his mind for Skepta’s track so, with help from parent company Universal, they had YouTube remove the song on copyright grounds. Armed with cash Interscope approached Boy Better Known, a group and record label founded in 2005 by Skepta and the team behind Dare to Dream. “Being in an industry where money talks, everybody involved in the ‘Dare To Dream’ project came to a conclusion to sign it to Interscope,” says Skepta.
So who is the lucky recipient of the track? None other than Interscope giant Eminem.