Alan Moore and the League of extrapsychedelic Gentlemen

Wired hat ein schönes Interview mit Comic-Gott Alan Moore inklusive Preview seines nächste Woche erscheinenden neuen Bandes aus der League of Extraordinary Gentlemen-Reihe, der im Jahr 1969 spielt, selbstverständlich alles inklusive Psychedelica, Acid-Trips und Hippies. Für mich ein Pflichtkauf, Review folgt. O’Neill’s art really is stunning, especially in that acid-trip showdown in the astral plane during the Stones’ post-Jones concert in Hyde Park. That was something else.

Moore: As background for that scene, it should be remembered that this writer had actually experienced psychedelic derangement at the Hyde Park festivals, although not the Stones concert. I was actually at the Canned Heat concert, which followed after the Stones a couple weeks later. But Kevin, on the other hand and to the best of my knowledge, has never imbibed any form of drug in his entire life. Which makes one sort of worry when you see what he’s actually done in 1969.

All right, yeah, I was kind of providing suggestions for the melted-looking layout and echoing speech bubbles. But when I saw what Kevin had done with it, that wonderful double-page spread with the statue of Hyde, and reality forming into a tunnel around the edge of the pages, it was just fantastic.

Alan Moore Takes League of Extraordinary Gentlemen to the ’60s

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