Snaps „The Power“-Dance shakes the Building

In Südkorea glaubten sie zunächst an ein Erdbeben, als ein 39stöckiges Hochhaus anfing, rumzuwackeln. Und dann stellte sich heraus, dass er nur eine Tae Bo-Kampfsporttanzgruppe war, die ihre mit ihren Ärsche zu Snaps „The Power“ wackelten. Like, you know… POW!

Korean scientists think they have determined what caused a 39-story Seoul skyscraper to shake violently for 10 minutes, causing the building to be evacuated for two days.

Earthquake? Nope. Gale-force winds? Sorry. Volcanic activity? Unh-uh.

No, the culprit, they say, was 17-middle-aged gym rats working off the midriff bulge in a Tae Bo class. Apparently, while dancing and boxing to "The Power" by Snap on July 5, the exercisers not only shook their booties, they shook the building.

Korea solves mystery of shaking skyscraper