Chinas Fake Applestores

Süß. In China gibt's nicht nur haufenweise gefakte iPhones und iPads, sondern auch gefakete Applestores, in denen sogar die Mitarbeitet tatsächlich denken, sie würden in einem echten Apfelladen arbeiten. „And the best part? A ten minute walk around the corner revealed not one, but TWO more rip-off Apple stores.“

Being the curious types that we are, we struck up some conversation with these salespeople who, hand to God, all genuinely think they work for Apple. I tried to imagine the training that they went to when they were hired, in which they were pitched some big speech about how they were working for this innovative, global company – when really they’re just filling the pockets of some shyster living in a prefab mansion outside the city by standing around a fake store disinterestedly selling what may or may not be actual Apple products that fell off the back of a truck somewhere.

Clearly, they had also been told that above all, they must protect the brand. As I took these photos I was quickly accosted by two salespeople inside, and three plain clothes security guys outside, putting their hands in my face and telling me to stop taking photographs – that it wasn’t allowed. And why wasn’t it allowed? Because their boss told them so.

Are you listening, Steve Jobs?, China not only fakes iPhones… but Apple Stores, too! (via Macelodeon)