Murdoch attacked with Shaving Cream Pie

19.07.2011 Misc #Media

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(Youtube Direktshave, via The Ledge)

Grade wurde Rupert Murdoch während der Anhörung im britischen Parlament mit einem Rasierschaumkuchen angegriffen. Noch eine der netteren Arten, um Murdoch mitzuteilen, was man von ihm hält. Vom NYT-Blog The Ledge:

11:57 A.M. Hearing Suspended After Disturbance
The parliamentary committee's hearing has been suspended after a disturbance of some sort, which happened off camera. As Louise Mensch, a Conservative member of Parliament, began to ask her questions, it appeared that someone moved towards Rupert Murdoch and James Murdoch stood up, apparently to defend his father.

CNN reports that a witness who was in the parliamentary committee room said that the man who rushed at Rupert Murdoch hit the media baron with a pie plate filled with shaving cream.

[update] Von The Smoking Gun: Meet "Johnnie Marbles," The Brit Who Pied Rupert Murdoch In The Face

The man who pied Rupert Murdoch today during the media baron’s Parliament testimony is Jonathan May-Bowles, a comedian, of sorts, who uses the alias “Johnnie Marbles.”

Prior to attacking Murdoch, “Marbles”--pictured above--made Twitter posts suggesting that he was present in the London hearing room. He also reportedly called Murdoch a “greedy billionaire” as he hit the 80-year-old with a plate of what appeared to be shaving cream.