Gaming Archeology: Has anyone tried playing Doom yet? (1993)

Auf Reddit haben sie ein paar BBS-Message von frühen Doom-Zockern ausgegraben, pures Retrogame-Nostalgie-Gold. Und der letzte Satz des letzten Postings (die restlichen Pics nach dem Klick): „BTW – That game is 11 meg uncompressed!“ Aaaaaw! Aus den Reddit-Comments:

OMG 11 Meg that could take days......

Well, let see.
A 2400 baud rate would give you a true download speed of about 300 bytes per second.
11 megabytes work up to 11534336 bytes, which means it would take roughly 38448 seconds to download it.
So, assuming my math is correct, we're talking about 10 hours to download the game at 2400 baud.

And as someone who once spent a whole lot of time with a 2400 Baud modem, I recall that "one Meg per hour" was the rule of thumb, which is in line with your math. (you're assuming perfect transfer rates, which of course never happen)
Of course, by the time Doom came out, I had a blazing 5600 modem! Only 20 minutes per Meg then! Wheeeeeeee.

Post from 1993: "Has anyone tried playing Doom yet?"