Ultrasonic Pommes Frites

18.07.2011 Misc Science #Food

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Scientific American haben Pommes mit Ultraschall bearbeitet, wodurch sich an deren Oberfläche kleine Risse bilden, durch die sich die Pommes besser fritieren lassen und sagenhaft schmecken sollen. Außerdem macht sich sowas super auf der Speisekarte: Ultrasonic Pommes würde ich sofort bestellen.

Maxime Bilet, Johnny Zhu and the other research chefs at our culinary lab in Belle­vue, Wash., explored a variety of techniques for doing better still. The winning combination is simple in its ingredients but quite fancy in its execution. The potato batons are vacuum-sealed with 2 percent salt brine in bags to keep them intact during boiling. They are then bombarded with intense sound waves from the same device that dentists and jewelers use. A lengthy ultrasound treatment at 40 kilohertz causes the surface of each fry to crack and blister with myriad tiny bubbles and fissures.

The cook next vacuum-dries the pretreated potato sticks to adjust the water content of the exterior and then briefly blanches them in oil at 340 degrees Fahrenheit to tighten their network of interlaced starch molecules.

Ultrasonic French Fries – Smooth and crispy (via Neatorama)