Palestinian Passport Art

(Youtube Direkt, via Rebelart)

Schöne Aktion von Khaled Jarrar, der Pässe mit einem State of Palestine-Visa abstempelt. Der Mann ist derzeit in Berlin und stempelt am Checkpoint Charlie von 11 bis 19 Uhr (hier die Facebook-Seite), unterstützt von der Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art. Aus 'nem CNN-Artikel über die Aktion:

"In the beginning, I was not expecting to stamp one passport. When I start with the first one I had really such a nice feeling. I proved that I can express myself by art. We can deliver a very strong political message about our life -- that nobody can deny our existence as a Palestinian."

The stamp he created features a Palestine Sunbird surrounded by flowers and encircled with the words State of Palestine in English and Arabic. It is purely symbolic and has no authority but it has become an evolving art project.

On Wednesday, Jarrar waited at Ramallah bus station in the West Bank and approached visitors with his stamp in hand. His plan: To see how many would accept a State of Palestine stamp in their passport and then chart their journey when they leave through Israeli immigration.

For each visitor that agrees, Jarrar takes a photo of them with passport in hand then scribbles down their email address in his notebook so he can maintain contact when they leave.