Gentle Giants: Robot Art Show in Berlin

Julia von der Strychnin Galerie schreibt mir: „Am 15. Juli eröffnet die internationale Gruppenausstellung "GENTLE GIANTS". In dieser Ausstellung zeigt die Strychnin Gallery unterschiedliche Werke einiger der innovativsten und richtungsweisendsten Kreationen der Roboterkunst von ausgewählten Künstlern.“ Zur Mail hat sie ein paar Aufnahmen der ausgestellten Bots geschickt, teilweise hatte ich die Arbeiten hier schonmal gepostet, die Bilder nach dem Klick.

Robots are a phenomenon which everybody is aware of and that is often viewed differently by many people. Today their origin, definition and purpose is widely discussed and not only their construction, technology and application range have drastically evolved, but the design, function and general perception of today‘s robots have changed in many directions. Nowadays there are robots of any size, made from any material and built for any task imaginable.

Furthermore, they have transformed from being solely tools to often depicted and thematised objects of popular culture as well as being subject and means of expression in the world of arts. Iconic stories and movies such as Terminator, Transformers, RoboCop, The Iron Giant or Walle have displayed the divided perception of robots as friends and humans‘ little helpers as well as a dangerous threat to society. The creations of robot art take, interpret and shape the commonly perceived attributes of and also the views on robots and thereby give them even more meaning and personality.

Strychnin Gallery's 'Gentle Giants' will showcase a diverse selection of some of the most influential and innovative creations of robot art done by a well selected group of artists. The exhibition will focus on the gentle, smart, helping and almost human aspects of robots that are enriching our society. The list of participating artists includes: Michael Salter, Himatic, Doktor A, Mike Libby, Skeleton Heart, Seymour, Nemo Gould, John Lytle Wilson, SQUP, Caroline LeBreton, Stefan Fromberger and many more.